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Premiere Date Set For 4th Season of Person Of Interest

Person of InterestCBS has just announced its fall premier schedule and my favorite TV show, Person of Interest,  is scheduled to return on Tuesday, September 23 at 10:00pm EDT.  I am anxious to see where they will take the show this season after the big ending of season 3.

Now that the main characters are on the run from Decima it will be interesting to see how the show will be now that those who are normally on the hunt are now the ones being hunted.  Will Finch, Reese, Shaw, and Root be able to stay under Samaritan’s radar?  I can’t wait to find out.

The way the show mixes technology, government, and rouge vigilantes keeps it very exciting for me.  I also enjoy the various characters and how each of them are unique but come together in various ways.  I think the writers do an excellent job with this show.

You can catch clips and some of the full episodes here:

Does anyone else out there enjoy this show as much as I do?  Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Will Rising Star Really Rise to the Top?


As I’m writing this it’s five minutes until a new reality show called Rising Star is about to premiere on ABC. Is a new singing competition which is not new. What is new about this show is that it’s live and you the viewer get to participate in the voting. As contestants sing they do so on front of this huge wall of screens. People at home using the Rising Star app will vote yes or no for the performer as they are singing. If the contestant gets enough votes the wall will rise and the performer moves on. If enough votes are not received them the wall stays down and its the end of the road for the performer.

What’s interesting to me will be how well the interactive app works and if this new element will cause this show to “rise to the top”. I installed the app on my tablet earlier and about one minute before the show began I got an alert in my notifications bar. This certainly seems promising,

So the show has just started. I’ll be posting my thoughts as the show progresses. Stay tuned for updates.