I’m Back!

I'm Back

Well…it’s been since July 2014 since I’ve posted to my blog.  I’ve decided it’s time to start making periodic posts again.  My plan is to blog about topics of interest and things I think might be helpful to others.  Most of my time these days is spent at the daily work grind and outside of that it’s working at church or at home watching TV.

I have to admit I’ve been watching more TV this year than in years past.  My favorite TV shows right now are:

I’m excited for the return of Heroes in the new remake Heroes:Reborn.  It’s going to be staring one of my favorite actors, Zach Levi.  I hope it’s as good as the first make.

So what shows do you like to watch?  Drop me a comment and tell me.

Spring is arriving here in Greensboro.  I turned on my AC for the first time today.  I’m not liking these hot temperatures but it’s better than the cold weather.

With that I’ll say goodbye for now.  Have an awesome day!