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A Car That Flies

So I’ve been slacking a little when it comes to my personal blog, but I’m really going to try to change that.  Anyone that knows me will tell you that I spend the majority of my life in front of a computer.  So I figure I might as well blog about some of the things that I come across online.

Today I was looking though my Facebook timeline and saw a photo for a “flying car”.  The geek in me immediately perked up and I had to click the link to check it out.  What I found out is there is the company based out of Massachusetts which has developed a plane/car hybrid.  The CEO of the company says to think of it as “a plane that drives.”

The concept vehicle is a four-seat hybrid car with wings and can fly up to 200 MPH.    You don’t even have to have a runway to take off.  By using  a megawatt of power the folding motor pods will lift you off the ground.  Once in the air, the propellers on the pods will fold down to allow for cruising speed.  When you are done in the air you can land the vehicle and then drive it like a car.

I am really excited to see if this actually becomes a reality.  The car of the future that will allow us to travel greater distances with ease.  The company claims that the vehicle will fly itself–you just tell it where it wants to go.  How cool.

Check out their website here at DrivenToFly.com.  You can also see the promo video below.