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Effective Video Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

The Value of Video Marketing

If you want to grow your business online, one way to do that is through effective video marketing.  By creating and uploading videos to a site like YouTube you can rapidly increase the exposure that your business or online entity is receiving.    The infographic above (created by Animoto) gives you an idea of how much videos can help your business.

My company, ILN (Internet Lifestyle Network) is currently teaching us how to do effective video marketing through a 90-day video challenge.  The goal is to make one video for your business every day for 90 days.   This challenge will serve to help you get into the habit of creating and posting videos every day.  It will also help those of us who are not that comfortable speaking to overcome the fear and shyness that keeps most people from doing any video marketing at all.

If you need help getting started with video marketing of need guidance in how to fine-tine your current marketing efforts then I encourage you to contact me.  I would love to help you grow your business and help you to reach a higher level of success.  Please connect with me on Facebook by sending me a message or friend request.  We can setup a time to chat and find out how we might help on another.